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Shopping at Zalora for Free Plus a Surprise Gift

Who doesn’t love surprises?

When I thought my life is in danger, I got one heck of a surprise!

Here’s how I got a $200 worth cool items from Zalora Philippines and Zalora Singapore, and I have a little surprise for you too!

Woke up like 3 in the afternoon yesterday when I checked my phone and got a text message plus 2 missed calls from an unknown number. It says that I have a package delivery from Singapore and must know my exact location. My first thought was that I wasn’t expecting any package and I had no idea who from Singapore would send me one. I replied anyway and gave them my complete address, which I regret doing so just seconds later.

After a few minutes, that number called me again. I answered and was asking me to prepare a photocopy of my ID. Why on earth they would do that? Couriers never asked a photocopy of my ID before. Not sure if it’s because whoever sent it just used “Anna” without my last name and probably for verification purposes? It didn’t make any sense as I can just show them my ID. But then, I’ve never used just “Anna” when I want or need someone to deliver me something. I really find it odd and sketchy.

That’s not all. When I asked who sent it, I heard a name that’s not familiar. My heart started racing thinking it’s probably from a stalker, a hoax or a scam. Or maybe there’s no package at all and my life is in danger?

I wanted to verify if that delivery guy is legit. With my friend’s suggestion, I did my “detective” skill and got his name online. I tried calling the courier’s office but unfortunately their line isn’t in service anymore. So I decided to head over to their office and settle the mystery for once.

You know what’s funny? I told people at home to lock the doors, not entertain anyone and stay quiet until I figured it out. Paranoia, I know.

When I reached their office, same time the guys were actually at my doorstep, I’ve learned someone from Singapore did send something to a person named “Anna” without a last name, but it has my address and number. And yes, the delivery guy was legit and they needed a photocopy of ID just in case the sender want any proof that it was given to the right person, blah, blah, blah…Okay, I get it now, understood.

That mystery box finally met my eyes and before I start unwrapping it, I was laughing inside because it came from Zalora Singapore. It’s a “surprise” gift, I figured.

What’s inside the box?


❥ Suede Panel Modern Work Tote (also available in black via Zalora PH)

Skin Inc Prep & Seal Set

❥ Skin Inc To-Go Pure Serum Mist

❥ Skin Inc Custom-Blended Soothing Serum

Skin Inc Get Glowin’ Brightening Mask

     Cost: Approx PhP7000 ($142)

I normally get packages from Zalora Philippines, since it’s my favorite fashion online store that’s based here in the Philippines. When I read the text message, I was sure it’s not from Zalora because I didn’t make any order the last few days. The most recent order I made was early last week when I used the coupon they give me from winning an Instagram post contest. I was able to get clothes, shoes and some stuff for my loved ones that worth 5000 pesos ($101) for free! So, basically, I won cool items of a total of PhP12000 ($243). But this gift box was an extra gift from the main Zalora store. Indeed, a very nice surprise!

Now, I have a surprise for you. Two actually.

  1. Shop at Zalora and get 15% DISCOUNT if you use the code from the photo on the left.

  2. GIVEAWAY coming soon! Stay tuned 😉




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