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Saud Beach in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte


The Beautiful, Romantic Morning

I have to admit I underestimated how beautiful Saud beach was until the next morning.

Saud beach

We mutually decided to just chill at the beach all day long. It was a very beautiful day – the sky’s blue, the water’s turquoise, and the weather’s sunny but breezy. Everything seemed perfect. What could possibly go wrong? Fortunately, there was no problem, no drama, no fights, no danger, except one thing – the worm we found on our lunch dish bowl after emptying it haha. Like I said, perfect!

It’s irresistible to not take countless photos. That’s the very first thing we did. When you’re travelling and have all the time in the world, do not hesitate capturing as many images as you can that would eventually provide flashbacks of great moments you created. Such souvenirs are able to make you smile for years. It’s also a great idea to take photos of the same spot or angle at different times. Take a look of these two images (one was taken around 7am, the other at 10) and compare them.

Saud beach

Saud beach

Sometimes, you do need to work with the environment and not just rely on the auto filters of your camera or Adobe’s Lightroom. I say both are beautifully captured though.

Saud beach is a semi-cove stretching probably a mile in total. We strolled along the coast starting from the middle point toward the left side. The sun was fully out but it was nice picking up your flip-flops, stepping your bare feet into the shallow water and relishing the awesome view nonstop. As we walked further, the flawless blue water was turning to be unappreciated as I could see sightings of rocks and seaweeds. It took us about 30 minutes walking so a mini break could recharge us before returning back.

Let’s go over there under the shade,” I didn’t suggest. It was more of a command.

Heard some music that’s coming from a large speaker at a nearby resort. I thought their beach front view was a good spot to continue revelling in this priceless luxury. Without any hesitation, I laid my blue towel on the sand and my friend followed along placing his black, sun and coconut tree printed towel next to mine.

Looking at the sky so blue that’s almost blinding me while munching on some corn chips felt good. God knows how long we laid there but it’s time to continue the little beach adventure.

We wandered to the other side. Although more distant, it looked even better – isolated and romantic. And we found a hammock!

Saud beachSaud beach

Saud beach

Saud beach

Saud beach

I couldn’t let this day pass by without allowing my light brown skin get intimate with the cool water of Saud beach. There’s just no way I’d miss that. I spent most hours just swimming and snorkeling with a quick sun bathe break in between. And if the beach doesn’t look that clear enough for you, have some underwater photos too (check some of my Instagram posts here and here). Love the reflecting effect! I didn’t mind getting darker on the first two days of this trip. Any nice beach is my playground and nothing (or nobody) can stop me.

Saud beach

I could do this everyday and wouldn’t complain,” I pondered as I snuggled down myself basking in the lovely ambiance. It was indeed an amazing day at Saud beach.

*Saud beach is one of the destinations of my cheap backpacking adventure that lasted for 2 weeks. Where did I go next after this? Click here.

P.S. Some photos were taken by my friend who’s very kind to share the ownership right.

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Saud Beach, Pagudpud

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