Hi, I’m Anna from the beautiful country, the Philippines! Shrugs…you already know that.

This is my TRAVEL and STYLE diary. I believe that life is a gift full of surprises and too short to take for granted. It must be kept open. There’s always something to look forward to – not to escape from it. I’m a teacher by profession but I consider myself a learner of life. So I celebrate it by wandering & pondering.

I’m 30 something but I wanna be (and look) young forever! 😉 Many people would squint their brows because of that common fear among 30ish people. They’d start hating birthdays, worrying they’re not gonna settle down, fearing of death, etc. There’s this popular Filipino joke “napag-iwanan ng panahon or wala na sa kalendaryo” (fallen far behind time/removed from the calendar) which is a mocking way of saying you’re already old but still single. I’ve heard that a lot and it’s annoying rather than funny. It’s not a good feeling, I know, but I have a choice to either keep whining about it or think of something more positive. I chose the latter. I choose to love life, live in the moment and just enjoy. Hence, the blog name.

I’m a late travel bloomer. Although raised and grew up in a Philippine small town close to the beach (now a very popular destination), I marveled at how truly wonderful beaches are when I was in my late 20s. Before I turned 30, a realisation hit me so hard that I almost fell to the ground (figuratively) facing the fact that time flies swiftly. So I began asking myself questions. “When are you gonna make your dreams come true?” “Are you just gonna sit down there facing the computer all day everyday?” “How are you able to cross off your bucket list if you don’t start it NOW?” Obviously, the answers to all those questions are in my hands.

Since high school, I always wanted to be a teacher. Through God’s guidance and parents’ support, that aspiration became a reality in 2007. After a couple of months, I was already teaching to a bunch of cute, young boys and girls. Kids are a bundle of joy!

I continued teaching for another year and two months. Then, I stopped. It wasn’t an intention. I was supposed to find some online teaching jobs as I just finished teaching ESL to Korean and Japanese students, but found a different opportunity – higher salary, less pressure and flexible time. I’ve learned to love working on my own schedule. No doubt, more enjoyable! It’s an online marketing or freelancing job, and I still do it up to this day. It’s a perfect job as I want to pursue my strong desire to travel and explore as many places as I can. In other words, I work to travel (or maybe we can reverse that soon haha). I didn’t abandon teaching life for good. I’d still want to go back to a classroom someday. However, I’m thankful that I’m able to execute that side of me in our church. We may be different in beliefs, but I have faith in God and I love Jesus – another reason why I love life. It’s a gift, a blessing!

I’ve been blogging and writing articles for over than 7 years. It’s rejuvenating and liberating to express yourself. I decided to focus both on travel and outfit inspirations because it’s two of the biggest things I love in the world, in my life. I don’t just express my feelings, thoughts and opinions through words. The way you dress can also make a strong statement and inspire others. How you look tells a lot about your personality and character. As a woman, my style signature would be very feminine. It’s going to be a confetti shower of dresses (casual, formal or couture) and heels!

This blog isn’t the first personal one I launched, but I want this to be my last and only one. I’m definitely investing more time putting beautiful and unique contents that I want you (yes, YOU) to enjoy, as well as financial resources to keep this running (sponsors are welcome by the way 😉 ). Speaking which, I appreciate your support. Just sparing a few minutes of your time reading a blog post or two is already a lot, you have no idea. Please, do me a favour – keep coming back and enjoy reading! Follow along as I strike off my bucket list & empty my wishlist! Besides, “together is a beautiful place to be!”

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