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IG Tales ❥ June – Week 2


“Brunetti” by Rajeshwar @rdmathur

“I have been visiting Australia quite regularly as my daughter lives there.  Usually, our trip lasts for 4-5 weeks in which we travel extensively in Australia, one city at a time. Though we primarily stay in Melbourne and have seen quite a lot of the city in terms of sights, parks, museums, and restaurants but somehow always missed Brunetti, the new talk of the town.

This year my daughter made sure that we did not miss it. So one day we decided to visit it after our dinner. Unfortunately that day we couldn’t find a parking space so had to return but the following day we were lucky and landed in Brunetti on the Lygon Street.

I want to confess that I am 63 years old but as I entered, I got the feeling as if I am a kid who has been let loose in a sweets shop.

The display of cakes, pastries, sweets and ice creams drives you mad as you see every type of sweet things you ever dreamt off.

The history of Brunetti in Australia started in 1985 when  the family started trading in Faraday Street.  They set up an authentic  Roman Pasticceria. The founder, Giorgio Angele started really young at the age of 10 and thus had tremendous knowledge of cakes and pastries.

When he was 23 years old, he came to Australia with the Italian Olympic Team as their Pastry Chef in 1956. After working for some time he got an opportunity to permanently migrate to Australia. Since then he has been behind this iconic brand.

I tried their cakes and ice cream that day and without a doubt, I can say that they were of top class quality and everything I was told about them was true. I would urge all visitors to Australia and Singapore to include Brunetti in the ‘must do list’.”


The bar.

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