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Hundred Islands

IG Tales ❥ June – Week 2


“A Day Trip to Thorpe Park” by Amanda Rose @ldn.rose

“This particular photo was taken on a day trip to Thorpe Park. It was my Godson’s 13th birthday, an incredible milestone in the life of my good friend’s son and someone I had watch grow up in front of my eyes.

We are a small but strong group of friends. We all grew up together and were in the same school between ages 12-18 and to this day over a decade later are still great friends. We share the kind of friendship that no matter how long it’s been since we last saw each other, it still feels like nothing has changed. The kind of friends I can call up for anything. The kind of friends that have my back no matter what and accept me flaws and all!

The special reason behind this day and this picture is that for me it represents everything about that moment. It was drizzling, typical of the UK! We were in long queue for a ride and our energy levels were running low. But yet, even in that moment of tiredness, it was still a fantastic day.

You see the clouds in this picture but it’s brought to life with the cherry blossoms from the tree. This reminds me of my friendship with these special people in my life. In that no matter how tired we are, no matter if it rains, we still share a beautiful friendship.”





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