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Hundred Islands

IG Tales ❥ June – Week 2


The Two Smiley Boys by Emily & James @thejourneyingduo

“We met these two smiley boys in Manila. They were slum kids who had lashed a raft together from a fridge door and paddled across a polluted river. The reason? To steal some mangoes off a tree. While these children treated the activity as a game, this was a matter of survival for two innocent kids. The whole time we helped them, all I could think of was the luxury I had grown up in and how unfair the world can be.”


Even after months on the road, we are always shocked by the poverty we see. These two boys had lashed together a 'raft' from a fridge door and some insulation. They had then paddled with their hands across the river to try and take some unripe mangoes off a tree at Fort Santiago. Of course, we stopped to help them and we discovered their home was a crudely constructed shack on the side of the river. These two boys had such great personalities and massive smiles that they will always be remembered fondly when I think back about our time in Manila • #manila #luzon #philippines #lifeonthestreets #amazingpeople #ingenuity #incredibleplaces #travel #travelasia #thepeopleyoumeetnottheplacesyousee #locallife #seasia #traveltheworld #travelstories #travelblogger #blogger #travelblog #blog

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