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Hundred Islands

IG Tales ❥ June – Week 4


“Jump” by Diana @klattastrophic

Location: Cinque Terre, Italy

“I was staying in Bologna and had to catch a train in the morning to go to La Spezia. I woke up with plenty of time to catch my bus but when I walked up it turned out all of the buses that go through the city center don’t run on Sundays. I was standing at the bus stop when I realized there was no way I was going to catch the train unless I hitchhiked! So I walked over to where I saw there was a busier street and stuck my thumb out and someone pulled over! I ended up getting to the station barely in time to catch my train, but I got it! And then when I got to La Spezia I had to take a bus to Portovenere to get to my hostel, where I dropped off my pack and hit the trail to hike the 20km to Riomaggiore. From Riomaggiore I took a boat to Manarola and had a lovely dinner! One of the most memorable solotraveling adventures I’ve ever had and an experience I will never forget.”




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