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IG Tales ❥ June – Week 4


“Morning in the Swiss Alps” by Misbah @mmahmed

Location: Wilderswil, Switzerland

“The minute I travelled within the Wilderswil village limits, I realized this was basically paradise on earth. From the wild cats roaming around to the fresh alpine air, everything was so tranquil. I spent my mornings staring at mountains towering over the village and watching the sun peeking out behind them, casting shadows on the valley beneath. In the distance, you can see Jungfraujoch, also known as “The Top of Europe”. Upon walking downstairs and into the dining room, I was greeted with two tables full of hearty breakfast items – cheeses, breads, cereals, jams, anything you could possibly think of! This was my view while eating breakfast. It was around 8am when I took this photo and whenever I look back at it, I remember the calm, serene scene that was Wilderswil, Switzerland.”


Taken in May at 8am in Wilderswil, Switzerland (about a 5 minute train ride from Interlaken). This was my view while eating a hearty Swiss breakfast (yes, with swiss cheese). My life consisted of fresh fruits, hot coffee, the comfiest hotel bedding, swiss cheese fondue, and the spiciest ravioli for dinner. There were cats everywhere, I was surrounded by mountains (mountains are my happy place), and giant Swiss mosquitos tryna bite me. It was around 50°, my skin was clear, my hair was cooperating, life was good. I was at the peak of my college career, to be honest. Anywho, I'm looking forward to my next visit to Switzerland! 🤗 P.S. do you see the snowcapped mountain in the back? I went up there! It's Jungfraujoch, the top of Europe. 🚞 #inLOVEwithSwitzerland #mySwitzerland #mountainstones #adobestudents_naturalworld

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