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Hundred Islands

IG Tales ❥ June – Week 4


“The Balconies, The Water, The Walled Cities!” by Elisabeth @elisabethandlife

Location: Valletta, Malta

“Malta is a beautiful and under-rated country, one that most people don’t even know where it’s located. The architecture is full of European and African influences, making it so unique. The capital city, Valletta, was built for the knights of St. John in the 16th century and is situated on a peninsula. The views are unparalleled: the wall wrapped all the way around the city, the water on 3 sides, the multi-color balconies, the mix of old and new. The Maltese people are fiercely proud, strong and independent. Malta used to be the home of the famed and gorgeous Azure Window, until sadly a few months ago, it disappeared into the sea after a Mediterranean storm. Malta is a beautiful country, one that deserves to be in the spotlight.”




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