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Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan

Hundred Islands

The Quezon Island

It didn’t take long when our boat started moving so we could go to the next major island, the Quezon Island. This is considered a central part of the entire boat route. It offers a zip-line, a safe swimming area and some dining tables. After scouting the area, we went to the second floor of the commercial building to buy some food and water. It was already lunch time I think. Unfortunately, the store  had snacks only. I asked for some lumpia or banana cue but they had none, only biscuits, cookies and chips. I took a pack of biscuits and requested a very cold Sprite. My friend and I just sat down on the bench under the shade and continued enjoying the view.

Hundred Islands

My friend thought there’d be hundreds to see and we only visited a few so far. I knew it’s only less than ten but I wasn’t sure just how many more exactly.

We tried finding the two women. I couldn’t see one of them. I went to every corner of the island and there’s no sight of them. We thought they have already left us but we saw our boat. Went closer and saw them eating their packed lunch. We’re offered to get some and we didn’t decline. We’re very hungry and I needed something heavy to eat. Grateful to have some free lunch!

Hundred Islands

Hundred Islands

Hundred Islands

Hundred Islands

The Cuenco Island

The next island we went to has a cave called Cuenco Tunnel. It looked astonishing as if you’re inside an ancient tomb during Jesus’ time. It wasn’t totally dark as the light on the other side was gleaming bright and very inviting. You’d be curious to see what’s on the opposite side. Cue the trumpets and violins as your eyes gaze toward the spectacular view! This spot is great for diving and no life vest is required, unless you’re not an excellent swimmer like me you might need one. My friend seemed having a good time jumping off the wooden deck and into the water on and on. For me, feeling the fresh air was enough.

Hundred Islands

The Children’s Island

Lastly, we splurged into the cool water of the Children’s Island. This island is surrounded by a wide-stretched, shallow water; hence, the name. It’s the paradise for young kids and for adults too. I found a quiet spot under one of the rocky hills where I could take a moment to lay down and soak in the moment. The waves continuously touching my feet gave extra refreshment. I was all alone for some time, until my friend joined me. He told me up stairs was nice. I pretended I didn’t hear him nor cared what he was talking about. I was focused on the lovely view.

A few minutes later, a group of family started swimming and laughing in front of us disrupting the wonderful view and my moment of silence. I really wanted some quiet time and be alone. I decided to go up stairs hopefully continue revelling in my mental state of serenity and left my friend do whatever he wanted to do.

Hundred Islands

Hundred Islands

And he was right. The view from the top floor of the resto-picnic area was nice. Finally I was all alone – not too noisy. I loved the breeze and the panoramic landscape. Oh, the view was so perfect!

I stayed at the same spot sitting on the floor for thirty minutes or so. Looking down, my friend and the two women gathered together as if they’re getting ready to hop back in the boat. I ignored that thought as I was still enjoying the priceless moment.

Let him come up here and tell you if it’s time to go,” I convinced myself not moving an inch. I didn’t wanna leave yet.

I saw him going from one place to another. He’s probably looking for me. I was just waiting for him. I was out there in the open anyway. Then he saw me and signalled me to go down. I argued my inner self whether I should follow his request or stay a little longer. That bought me extra few minutes though haha. Sadly, I had to say goodbye wishing I’d come back and once again meddle with the reality.

Despite the lack of sleep and whole day travelling from yesterday, I survived island hopping at the Hundred Islands. It’s one of those relaxing vacations I must say.

Hundred Islands

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Looking forward to our next destination!


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Hundred Islands

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