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PHOTO CHALLENGE ❥ Travel: Cultural

Each country has its own culture, one of the elements that makes every part of the world unique. It’s also among the things every traveller learns when visiting a new place.

For this month’s Photo Challenge, let’s read some “culture” related stories these travel bloggers have experienced or witnessed during their trips.

Hundred Islands

IG Tales ❥ June – Week 4

It’s the weekend (at least here in the Philippines) and it’s #SocialMediaDay (Friday, I guess)! What I’m trying to say is that today is a perfect moment to showcase another batch of weekly IG Tales.

Style - lace



Lace is among my favourite fabric. I personally consider it a “comfy” material. It’s not only embellished on wedding dresses to create a sexy back or a decorative neckline, but also used in casual outfits from tops to skirts to shorts to swimsuits. These fashion/style bloggers agree, too.

Saud beach

IG Tales ❥ June – Week 3

It’s the weekend, which means a new roundup of Instagram travel related photos!

Where in the world are you right now? Whether you are at home chilling or on the road continue living the life of seeing new sights, take a moment to read these incredible stories based on Instagram photos taken by avid IG users. I call this a list of IG Tales because every picture has a story or two.

Hundred Islands

IG Tales ❥ June – Week 2


Instagram is my favourite social media platform. It’s a pretty cool app to showcase images, especially if you love travelling or photography in general. I’m sure most users agree. But a lot of people don’t share the stories behind their Instagram photos. These men and women are trying to changing that. Let’s meet them, shall we?

Saud beach

IG Tales ❥ June – Week 1

Sometimes, if not often, we just put a caption or a series of hashtags when posting images on Instagram. On the other hand, we “heart” photos because they look awesome and the image quality is great. Have you ever thought for a second of what’s the story behind the image? Don’t you want to know more than what your eyes see? I do!

I asked people through different social media platforms to share their Instagram travel photos and write their story. There were plenty of entries* submitted by users from different parts of the world and I couldn’t be more excited! Originally, it must be featured once a month but due to the amount of photos I received, I’ve decided to feature ten Instagram photos weekly.