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Birthday Charm in Beige, Lace & Flower

Today is my birthday! Yayyy…and nay ‘cus, you know, I’m aging haha!

So I’ve been planning to share outfit inspiration/ideas for months. I managed to pull off (finally!) just on time for this special day. I thought beige, lace and flower could be my charm.

And I chose THAT location because why not? If you’ve been reading my previous posts or following me on Instagram, you know why.

Onto the outfit, I find this spaghetti strap embroidered lace midi dress simple yet chic. It’s something you can wear on a sunset date by the beach, a wedding, and even a casual day off with friends. With a pair of D’Orsay pumps accented with chiffon flower, it’s a perfect match! But heels on the beach?! Of course, I didn’t wear it while walking on the sand but some beaches do have paved/tiled areas or wooden boat docks. Again, it’s just an outfit inspiration giving you some ideas on what/how to mix and match.


DressHug Spag-Strap Embroidered Midi Dress (not available)

ShoesVelvet Occasion Floral Detail D’Orsay Heels D’orsay

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What do you think of the outfit? Love to hear your opinions!




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