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Baguio City Is My Second Home


Everyone has their own bucket list. You want to explore from here to there. You want to see and experience new things. You want to make the impossible, possible. But there’s always a place you call home. There’s also the road taken that I call my second home – Baguio City.


Popularly known as “The Capital Summer of the Philippines” and the “city of Pines”, Baguio has a big part in my life. For two reasons, let me share you why I consider it my home. And when I say “home”, it’s not just a literal place where you find comfort and safety. It means more than that to me.

It’s Where I Was Born


In the late 80’s at a small village in Baguio, a woman gave birth to a baby girl, that was me. I never got the chance to say this but guess I should now, THANK YOU MOM!

Although I didn’t grow up in the city, the fact that it had been fed to me that I’m an “Igorot” (a local tribe in Benguet, the province of Baguio City) during my childhood years, I eventually learned and embraced that it is indeed a very special place for me.

I’m an Igorot?!?!


I’m DEFINITELY not an Igorot. Not everybody who was born there is Igorot. Both of my parents aren’t Igorots. However, I’m an Ilocano (or rather say Ilocana).

My point is that I loved Baguio ever since. I still love it. I can keep coming back any day without getting bored. In fact, I’ve visited the popular sites and attractions a gazillion times. My love for this place never fails.

It’s Where I Found Independence

I landed my second teaching job (yes I’m a teacher by profession) a few years ago in Baguio. This is about 2 hours away from my family home, so it’s not that far. But it’s the first time where I got to live on my own 5 days a week. It felt nice and liberating.

Baguio is also the place that indirectly started the fire in me concerning what I should do with my life. Apparently, it’s the passion and need to travel.

If you’re within a 30-mile radius, Baguio is the best and most accessible place to unwind, shop at a big mall, find different foods, etc. I grew up thinking it’s the only fun place to visit. As years passed by, I learned there’s more than just Baguio City. You need to go further than that. Also realised I was a traveler back then and Baguio was among the first ones ticked off my list.

I tend to keep this post short. Just want to share a fraction of who I’ve become today.

Thanks for reading!



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