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white mesh dress

White Mesh Dress

white mesh dress

I love anything comfortable and versatile yet stylish. This white mesh dress in halter neckline is so “comfy” that I can wear it anytime, anywhere.

Can I wear THIS on a special occasion or whilst travelling? Does IT look simple yet head-turning?

Anything described as comfortable and versatile yet stylish is something that makes me check out my shopping cart without thinking twice. Besides, comfort always comes first right?

If the price is cheap and the look is fantastic, the feeling is like winning a jackpot! This white, halter, stripe and sheer netted-mesh dress is a good example of all that. I’ve worn this plenty of times – last year’s Christmas, when I went to a friend’s house, and at someone’s graduation – because it’s just that fabulous and versatile at the same time.

During my recent road trip where these photos were taken, I paired it with a large daisy hair clip to create a look that’s less boring but also not over-the-top, and I think it worked out.

white mesh dress white mesh dress


Dress: Jeaniegirl White Greek Dress (not available)

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  1. What a beautiful dress! I love how you styled it with the flower! When I see these pictures I miss summer and the beach soo badly <3

    • Thanks…Come to the Philippines, if not rainy season, it’s summer every day here, even now as we speak haha

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