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A Friend Loves At All Times

I have a handful of people that I can truly appreciate and proudly call my real friends. And there’s only one that I consider my best friend. Not the fact that I’m an introvert myself, but friendship is somehow sacred to me. It’s not a simple attachment based on common reasons – having a few interests, growing up in the same town, knowing each other for years, seeing each other every Sunday at church, or watching Survivor.

How do I define a “friend”? Three things.

That Real Person

If I categorise a friend simply as someone I know for awhile – spent more than a few times, did this and that together -, then I’d have a hundred or thousand of friends. Don’t get me wrong, unless they’re in my family circle or that tight-knit small group I call “my friends”, most people I know are just people in my life.

Loyalty is very important to me. You can be a freak, incompetent, poor, fat, very tall or shorter than me – whatever, I don’t care. As long as you are loyal, you are a friend.

My best friend Diana (Hi, miss you already and love you always!) is a good example of a loyal friend.

When I was in grade school, she’s one of the most annoying people I’ve encountered. She kept telling me to “smile naman diyan”, and I found it annoying and insulting. She would look at me up and down to my shoes, which were usually ugly and cheap, and thinking she judges me for that that just made me hate her more. Little did I know that she was just trying to encourage me. With her fierce eyes, I really mistook it like a tiger bullying a kitten.

Fact: You seldom see me smiling and might be mistaken as cold, snobbish. I have a good reason for having a non-smiley face, but again, unless you’re a real friend who knows the real me, you’d never understand.

I don’t remember how we became close like adopted sisters. But I don’t forget (and never will) the quality times we spent – going home together after school. We also started exchanging mail letters. Funny how time flies, when you think back of the old days that you only had stationery paper and glittered pens – no phones, no Facebook. Truth be told, I’ve missed those days!

During summer up to when she was starting college (she’s two years older BTW), we rang each other. We’d talk for hours on the phone – yes, no Facebook yet but there’s already Friendster and Myspace (hahaha). Our conversations were mostly about mean girls that we mutually know, Backstreet boys, Travis Pastrana or Rudy Hatfield (I’m sure she heard both names from me a lot) and our boy-next-door crushes. You know the usual nonsense “teen talk”. Point is, we kept in touch. She kept in touch. She had her own circle of friends back in high school and I know someone closest to her, but she always made sure she has time for me. From the time she finished college to the special day she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl to the three hours she spared two weeks ago just to catch up on me after not seeing each other for a year, she never changed. She’s still the same Diana I know. She’s still that loyal and real, true friend I’ve known from the get-go.

I’m not a perfect person because obviously “there’s no one righteous, no not one” ever, so please don’t judge, thank you. Most people think I’m this quiet, good (or supladita), church-going girl but like everyone else, I have my fair share of secrets. There are things that I can and will only share to one person and that’s her. She’s the only one who has that key to open my jar of mysteriousness, sassiness, kinkiness, whatever “ness” you can think of (LOL).  And what I really like about her that she deserved my medal of “The Most Loyal Best Friend on Earth” is that she knows when to securely zip her lips. I know each and every secret I shared to her stay in her genius brain. Same with her secrets on mine. Zipped. Locked. Sealed.

She also get to receive another special award from me. The “Matron of Honor”. If that wonderful, magical day, before sun rises to be exact, happens (fingers crossing), she’s the one who’s going to keep my white mermaid dress tail unwrinkled. Even if her now-9-year old baby girl is already married by then or that my entire hair is grey, I don’t mind. She’s still going to be that person standing next to me as I say my “I dos”.Like I’ve said, I like loyalty.

That Virtual Casanova

Hmm. How shall I start? M from CA, let me just say that you’re supercalifragilisticexpialidocious awesome!

This guy (yeah, it’s a he) is the second friend who is very close to my heart. I cannot believe I’m smiling like a donkey as I type every letter and character right now! Sheez, like as he sometimes quote, “what are you doing to me?” Okay, chin up, poker face, be serious Anna!

This guy… Uggh, I’m interrupted by “butterflies in my stomach” (another one he usually quotes).

In all seriousness, I’m doing this intentionally ‘cus I know it’s going to make him smile and put him on an episode of trance (hey M, did it work? wink, wink).

So, this guy is very special to me for one reason – he accepts me for who I am. He knows how my mind thinks, he doesn’t judge, he embraces my flaws. And as far as friendship is concerned, I really feel so close to him even though we’re eight thousand miles away from each other. I compare him to a mirror – he surely and accurately knows what I mean. And whatever I see in the mirror is beauty, perfection – no blemishes or wounds. Now the world knows how special you are to me. 😉

That Natural Lover

I’m such a beach girl! I automatically turns into a happy little Moana every single time I see a beautiful beach. This may sound poetic but any gorgeous turquoise water under full sunshine paints sparkles to my dull world. I’d walk on the crystal-clear water like a red carpet. The beach is a friend. It unlocks my chains and allows me to enjoy a short period of freedom. It soothes my crying soul. It teleports me to a whole new place as experienced by Alice in Wonderland. I’m definitely a tailless mermaid who doesn’t know much about swimming yet love the ocean and feel alive around it. There’s just something special about it that always make me wonder about myself, life and how amazing our planet is. And like a true friend, it never changes. It will keep you fulfil your sometimes lack of self-amusement.

I gotta go, thank God for my “friends” and sleep! Thanks to you as well, for reading.



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  1. Thank you for sharing! I think that real friend is a friend who stand by me even though I feel down and be negative although basically positive person and prefer to choose a positive person as a friend.

  2. I am like you in that friendship is also sacred to me, and so is loyalty. I like to take time to get to know someone. It’s always a great feeling when you ‘click’ with someone and to know they have got your back. Diana sounds like a wonderful friend to have, so encouraging and always looking out for you. Hope the two of you have many more best friend friendship years to come 🙂

    Also, I love the beach too! Nothing like a nice, warm sunny day and a walk around the beach 🙂

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