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PHOTO CHALLENGE ❥ Travel: Cultural

Each country has its own culture, one of the elements that makes every part of the world unique. It’s also among the things every traveller learns when visiting a new place.

For this month’s Photo Challenge, let’s read some “culture” related stories these travel bloggers have experienced or witnessed during their trips.

Style - lace



Lace is among my favourite fabric. I personally consider it a “comfy” material. It’s not only embellished on wedding dresses to create a sexy back or a decorative neckline, but also used in casual outfits from tops to skirts to shorts to swimsuits. These fashion/style bloggers agree, too.

travel first


“In this life, all is evanescent. Live for the now” – Carlyle Labuschagne 

As the common saying goes, “you’ll never forget your first”.

About two months ago, I went on a two-week backpacking adventure, and on a tight budget I must say, which included mountain climbing. It’s the very first time I’ve done this and I swear it’s not that easy – more like for an advanced level. There was no tour guide. It was a spontaneous decision. And for a beginner like me, that was a big achievement!

I’d like to share my first amazing climb moment in more detail next time. Right now, I wanna focus on other people who responded to my photo challenge. It’s finally here! The long wait is over!