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Social Media Is Making Me Depressed

Admit it, social media is unhealthy. It’s an inevitable truth most people continue to deny these days.

When’s the last time you checked your Facebook? Instagram? Or whatever social media accounts you have? Has it been over a month? Was it last week or yesterday? I bet it’s only a moment ago.

Truth be told (or should I say TBT?), most of us log in every day, and probably more than once in twenty-four hours, updating our statuses, uploading photos, checking feed, reading comments, etc. Whether for personal or business purposes, the Internet has become a part of our daily lifestyle.

I, for example, have two Facebook accounts (one for family and close friends, and another exclusively for blog advertisement), three on Twitter (most are business related), one Instagram (used to be two as well, thank God I deleted the first account), one Pinterest (not really active but feel free to follow me and repin my posts), and one YouTube. Can you imagine the time I’d spend if I were actually active on each account whatever the order is? It’s ridiculous!

If you are a blogger, an actress, an athlete, a politician, a business man, social media is a necessity. You don’t plant a seed and just sit there waiting to produce fruits or beautiful flowers on its own. If a regular person needs Facebook to get updated with his family or chat with high school friends who have moved after graduation, how important it is for people like us?

Social media does help in getting audience and improving stats, or for some making money (LOL), but there are issues – negative and really depressing ones. I want to address those issues based on my personal encounters and experiences. Others may disagree or have different opinions, I utterly respect that. But these are my issues. I need to identify them and come up with a solution. I tend to listen to others’ problems and help them figure out what they want to happen or must do in order to feel much better, smile a little. If I have the ability (honestly, I think it’s a gift) to do that, why cannot I do the same for myself?

On more than one occasion, I’ve been feeling depressed and the Internet is to blame for. There’s nothing direct I can pinpoint but I know in my heart that it has something to do with my personal involvement on social media. I go to bed scrolling down as if it’s a ritual. Whilst in the middle of sleep, the first thing my “half awake self” echoes to my “sleepy self” is count how many Instagram hearts I’ve received so far. The constant pressing on the keyboards of my phone and computer? They make me feel tired. They make me feel ill. They make me sad. They’re like ripples of an ocean that sometimes you just wish it stops even for a second.

I’ve tried deactivating my Facebook for a short period of time before and it felt good. I’ve also managed to skip talking to people within my Skype contact list at some point. Although a few think I was ignoring them, to be virtually absent was liberating to me. The hard truth is that you cannot just escape. You can only take some time off but never permanently, not even Ed Sheeran, trust me.

Even whilst on vacation, I don’t end the day without checking my accounts. I like some “ATM” posts because of the recorded date. Facebook “On This Day” memories is actually pretty cool. That’s the only reason I allow myself to use social media during holidays. I’m such outdoorsy but I do need to take a lot more vacation time, and probably more trekking adventures because surely there’d be no WiFi or cellular network – an opportunity to stay away from the Internet. It does feel amazing to be out exploring unknown places and talking to strangers, but you need to bring your gadget with you. Nothing is old-school these days.

One of my friends recently told me about deactivating her Facebook when she got back home because she doesn’t want to see some people with poker faces. That’s not exactly her words but I knew what she meant. It’s also one of my issues. Many people lie on social media. I’m guilty to be one of them. I’d post a photo of me holding a guy’s hand with “♥” as the caption when in fact he’s my cousin. Yes, please tie my hands, tape my mouth and punch me right now. But before you do, remind yourself how many times you did something similar. Some get cyber bullied. Some get fired because of a certain Facebook post. Others brag about having a new car and use the hashtag blessed or share a photo album about their most recent trips when all you can see is their selfies. Many times I was tempted to comment and add #justsaying. See, social media is outright dangerous and we’re all victims of it. Better be not the reason why someone just blocked you.

This morning, that unfathomable feeling hit me again. It’s becoming more than familiar. I think it’s getting worse, so I tweeted this:


…and decided to detach myself from the Internet. Turn all my phones off. Not going to use a computer. I will start this Sunday and do it every Sunday. Yes, only on Sundays. Total disconnection for 24 hours. Maybe soon, I’d make it more often, but I doubt it. I just started this blog gimme a break, ha!

‘Till my next social media appearance!



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P.S. I was listening to a Hillsong playlist (usually whenever I feel down) as I write this post. I don’t know about you but listening to such songs, like Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace), uplift my depressed soul and basically fill the void.

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost
But now I’m found
Was blind but now I see


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  1. you could always go to sea. 😉
    Still no internet out there most times, no phone, no nothing! It’s very peaceful (unless you’re worried about having to pay the bills somehow like I do)

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