My PHOTO CHALLENGE project is a monthly featured post highlighting other travel and style/fashion bloggers through their shared TRAVEL or STYLE photos with a short narrative. Each month entails a new theme. Please read the basic guidelines below before submitting. Every participant will receive an email notification once their entry is featured on a published post.

For TRAVEL Bloggers

September 2017 – ATOP
(share your climbing or hiking experiences – deadline: September 17, 2017)

August 2017 – HOME
July 2017 – CULTURAL
June 2017 – LUXURY
May 2017 – “FIRST

For STYLE / FASHION Bloggers

September 2017 – LITTLE BLACK DRESS (LBD)
(deadline: September 29, 2017 – extended)

August 2017 – SOMETHING BLUE
July 2017 – DENIM
June 2017 – LACE
May 2017 – FLORAL

Submitting a Photo

You may submit 1 or 2 images, but make sure each photo has a minimum size of 800 x 600 and not larger than 1024 x 768.

For travel photo, tell a story in 50-250 words (US/UK English).

For style/fashion outfit photo, describe your outfit in at least 50 words (US/UK English).

I only accept blog that has a unique domain (no or If you wish, you may buy a domain here.



One (1) entry only per blogger each month

No featuring of animals used for tourism (exploitation/abuse/cruelty)

No nudity/violence

Why am I doing this and why should you participate? I want us to be inspired by each other’s challenges and basically support one another.

  1. Additional blog exposure (backlinks, Instagram & Facebook mentions),
  2. Free blog advertisement on Twitter* (@TSbloggers),
  3. challenge for yourself as a blogger – gives you an idea for future posts,
  4. Honestly, it’s better than the “awards” nomination.

*Blog advertisement on Twitter is monthly. Join every month, more tweets.