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“In this life, all is evanescent. Live for the now” – Carlyle Labuschagne 

As the common saying goes, “you’ll never forget your first”.

About two months ago, I went on a two-week backpacking adventure, and on a tight budget I must say, which included mountain climbing. It’s the very first time I’ve done this and I swear it’s not that easy – more like for an advanced level. There was no tour guide. It was a spontaneous decision. And for a beginner like me, that was a big achievement!

I’d like to share my first amazing climb moment in more detail next time. Right now, I wanna focus on other people who responded to my photo challenge. It’s finally here! The long wait is over!

Read more about what Photo Challenge is and how it works here.

Through this “crazy” experience, I have come up with an idea that can challenge and/or inspire other people. This is like a “bloggers train”, in which each of us is going to support, inspire, and be inspired by one another. I advertised about this on different social media platforms. I loved the response so far. I didn’t expect hundred mails on my inbox but I’m glad to receive some entries. For that, thank you (again)!

There are still many things I wanna do and I believe I can do. In addition to Instagram, where I’m most active, I want to be challenged by other people’s experiences through their shared photos or inspire them (I hope). So without further ado, here are my “First” travel challengers!


The Blue Lagoon and the Kabigan Falls in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte


  1. Congratulations on your first climb! It feels like something I could never do, but maybe I’m wrong 🙂 Really like the photo challenge idea!

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