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Chasing the Sunset in La Union


Who doesn’t love watching the sun gradually vanishes from the ocean view? These photos make me wish I were sharing a kiss with somebody. Haha!

Before a young friend of mine went back to Sweden, I thought of spending a few minutes at the beach to watch the sunset in La Union*. It didn’t disappoint as you can see!

We were literally chasing the sunset. We’re like a second away before the sun sailed out of the horizon but glad to have caught it. The original plan was just to take sunset photos and grab some snack as we head home. Success, we did both! I’m kind of shallow like this – appreciating simple things. I know my friend had fun, too.

Witnessing a natural phenomenal like the sun setting constantly every day is priceless. It makes you realize how important time is. Truth be told, it’s one of the few recent lessons I’ve realised. Always make the best of your time. Also, the sun gleaming atop most hours during the day gives us more hopes and opportunities that you can do something good, correct mistakes or achieve your dreams in life.

P.S. I’ll talk more about La Union soon.

La Union, where I grew up and my current homebase, is one of the increasingly popular beach destinations in the Philippines. It’s hailed as the “Surfing Capital of the North“, so this is my recommended spot if you want to learn how to surf or chill out in a quiet and safe environment.



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