If there’s no goal, there’s no result. I think every person must have a bucket list, even if it consists only one place or a few activities to do. It is much easier to achieve something in life if you set objectives – they motivate you to pursue and complete them.

Let me share my own bucket list. Click + to expand details.



Top 5 Countries to Visit 

[accordion title=”Norway – Sweden – Finland“]Northern Lights. Period.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Australia“]This used to be the number one. Sorry mate, it didn’t work between the two of us. But still, it’s a country that offers diverse tourist attractions, just like the Philippines. I crave to see Whitsunday and Pink Lake. Also, hug a koala (and never let go, how I wish).[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Switzerland“]Since I was younger, I’ve been seeing breathtaking photos of this country from the Alps to the flowery countryside. It does look like a paradise. Not to mention, it’s the largest source of chocolates and diamonds – who wouldn’t love those?[/accordion]

[accordion title=”French Polynesia (Bora Bora)“]This is my dream honeymoon or maybe a wedding destination (fingers crossed). But even for just a 24-hour “no special” occasion, I’d take the opportunity.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”England“]There’s something (or two) about this country that just sweeps me off my feet. I consider myself an anglophile actually. If I’d have a family of my own, I want to raise my children there. If still single in 10 years, I’d still wanna settle there. However, I might not quit thinking of the possibility that I meet my prince charming there, haha! I’m a dream chaser after all.[/accordion]




Top 5 Activities To Do

[accordion title=”hug a koala and a sloth“]…maybe a panda too[/accordion]

[accordion title=”swim in ice water“]Yes, in swimsuit![/accordion]

[accordion title=”bungee jump/paraglide“]I have a slight fear of heights, so yeah let me try either or both. It would be even better if I’m going to bungee jump with someone special and share a kiss whilst hanging 😉 .[/accordion]

[accordion title=”swim with whale shark“]Not in Oslob or anywhere else these sea creatures are exploited and abused. They don’t need to be dependent on humans and entertain tourists every single day. I prefer a surprise sightings, if you know what I mean. Might be hard to achieve, eh?[/accordion]

[accordion title=”skydive“]It’s not just about the thrills and fears rushing all throughout your body, but also the fact that you’d get the bird’s eye view, which would be very amazing. I’m thinking of doing it in Dubai or Belize (Blue Hole), unless I find other potential locations.[/accordion]